Historic Sotterley Plantation located in Southern Maryland about 60 miles south of Washington DC

Historic Sotterley, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), public charity organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Restoration Efforts at Historic Sotterley Plantation

There have been numerous restoration efforts at Sotterley Plantation over its 300 year existence. Many of these were conducted by past owners of the property such as Herbert and Louisa Satterlee in the early 20th century. These efforts have all ensured that Sotterley still stands today and that its rich history and stories can continue to be interpreted for future generations. The work carried out over the past centuries is now continued by Historic Sotterley, Inc.

Past and Future Efforts

Following the death of Sotterley’s last owner in 1993, the site faced enormous financial and preservation challenges. With few resources and many structures that would soon face irreparable deterioration, The National Trust for Historic Preservation focused its attention on Sotterley Plantation in 1996, naming it as one of the 11 Most Endangered Homes in America. This recognition helped Sotterley obtain critically needed funding, including Save America’s Treasures grants, State of Maryland Bond Bills, and other grant and private funding. A Preservation Plan was created, and following this plan, the Plantation House was stabilized and systems put in that would help preserve and protect it. Sotterley’s Barn is equipped with concrete flooring, ample dimmable lighting and electrical capabilities, restrooms, and a prep area with counter space, large sink, and refrigerator.

The Barn at Sotterley was restored in 2004. In order to help meet the institution’s need for a building in which to host larger educational and cultural events, a concrete floor, restrooms, enhanced electrical system, and prep kitchen were added. Retaining its unique charm, this space is now host to many site rentals and educational programs such as the Sotterley Speaker Series.

Sotterley Plantation's Original Slave CabinSotterley’s 1830’s Slave Cabin has undergone critical restoration in both 1989 and in 2009, and the interior and exterior walls, roof, chimney, and fireplace all received critical stabilization work. This rare structure is vitally important to Sotterley’s interpretation efforts, and central to many of its education programs including Slavery to Freedom and To Live Enslaved.

Many other buildings have received various levels restoration in the past 20 years. This work included replacing cedar shingle roofs on buildings such as the Ice House, Smokehouse, Necessary, Tool Shed, Corn Crib, and Warehouse, and replacing asphalt roofs on buildings such as the Turkey Shed, Wood Shed, Creamery, and Archaeology Shed. Sotterley’s Barn is equipped with concrete flooring, ample dimmable lighting and electrical capabilities, restrooms, and a prep area with counter space, large sink, and refrigerator.

In 2011, however, Hurricane Irene swept through Southern Maryland, and the devastation it left behind at Sotterley Plantation was heart-wrenching. Sotterley lost over 170 trees (and almost just as many within its nature trails) and its landscape was ripped apart. The site also sustained damage to its Plantation House, Smokehouse, Spinning Cottage, Barn, Office, Visitor Center, Gardener’s Cottage, and Grape Arbor. Most of the restoration efforts have now been completed on Sotterley’s buildings, but work will continue for years to come to restore the Sotterley’s landscape to its former beauty.

Sotterley’s Barn is equipped with concrete flooring, ample dimmable lighting and electrical capabilities, restrooms, and a prep area with counter space, large sink, and refrigerator.There are still so many restoration needs at Sotterley. The Plantation House has many rooms that have yet to be restored on the first floor, and all of the second floor rooms require restoration as well. Numerous outbuildings, while stabilized by the replacement of aging roofs in the last few years, still require a great deal of restoration work on the rest of the structures and on the interiors. And the landscape at Sotterley, left ravaged by Hurricane Irene, still requires a great deal of work and new plantings to fully realize healing.

Adopt a Project

How can YOU make a difference? Many donors and businesses have chosen to adopt a project. Due to their generosity and philanthropy, rooms have been restored in the Plantation House, buildings have been painted, restrooms have been repaired, roofs have been replaced, porches have been restored, aging shutters repaired, and so much more. One project at a time, Sotterley’s history has been preserved, and you too can be a part of Sotterley’s ongoing restoration efforts.

Donations can be made with both direct funding and in-kind gifts, and all donations help to achieve success.

 To learn how you can be a part of preserving Sotterley Plantation for the future, contact development@sotterley.org or call 301-373-2280.



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To preserve Sotterley Plantation's historic structures and natural environment and use the powerful stories of our land, lives, and labor to bring American history to life while serving as a cultural resource.  


To foster a better understanding of our world today by providing a living link to America's complex history and legacy of slavery.


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