Historic Sotterley Plantation located in Southern Maryland about 60 miles south of Washington DC

Historic Sotterley, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), public charity organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Sotterley Grounds Use Policies

Sotterley Plantation is a National Historic Landmark and possesses both exceptional historic and architectural merit. The 18th century plantation is open to the public and composed of 96 acres of woods, meadows, gardens, and colonial and post-colonial buildings situated picturesquely on the banks of the Patuxent River. Our site is administered by the private, non-profit Historic Sotterley, Inc. and governed by a board of trustees.

As set by the Preservation Committee:

Use of the grounds for private functions will result in no permanent impact on the grounds and no disturbance of the ground’s surface. All activities will take place in designated areas, which will be set according to capacity and type of function. The site and its collections will be maintained and secure at all times. No structures or facilities other than those specifically outlined in the contract will be made available to those who have contracted for grounds use. Programs and activities that support the mission of the site will take precedence over all private functions. The Sotterley Grounds Use Policy will be periodically reviewed and revised by the Preservation Committee.

Policies and Procedures for Site Rentals

  1. All events must be scheduled through the Sotterley Event Manager and a Sotterley Event Staff Member is REQUIRED to be onsite for events.

  2. Sotterley is open to the public year-round, Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm and Sunday 12noon-4pm. The site in its entirety will remain open to the public according to the above schedule, not withstanding rentals of specific areas of the site for private functions.

  3. Site rentals are booked for a pre-arranged rental period. If the time on site exceeds the pre-arranged time, additional hourly fees will be assessed beginning at 10 minutes past the hour. Regardless of the start time of an event, All event attendees and vendors must be offsite by 11:00 p.m.

  4. Clients are welcome to use caterers and other vendors of their choosing. Client must furnish Sotterley Event Manager with a list of all event vendors and their contact information no later than three weeks prior to the event.

  5. All caterers are required to provide Historic Sotterley, Inc. with a current business license, Health permits and Certificate of Insurance (minimum of $1 million covering Workman’s Compensation, Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Food and Products Liability) and sign the Sotterley Caterer
    Agreement. Caterers, who have not previously worked at Sotterley, are required to schedule a site
    visit with the Event Manager a minimum of one month prior to the event in order to familiarize
    themselves with the site and our procedures.

  6. All vendors must coordinate arrangements for deliveries and staging of materials and equipment
    with the Sotterley Event Manager in advance and are required to check in at the Sotterley Office @
    301-373-2280 upon arrival for delivery or set up.

  7. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed; however, Sotterley reserves the right to refuse
    service of alcohol to all guests if any individual or individuals exhibit drunken behavior. If this
    measure is not effective, the client and the client’s guests will be asked to leave the facility. The
    client is responsible for the demeanor of all guests at all times while on site. No guests may leave
    the premises with open containers of alcohol.

  8. While electricity is available in all of our site rental locations, the power supply is limited in some
    areas. In order to insure adequate power to accommodate all vendor needs, clients are encouraged to
    review power needs with the Sotterley Event Manager.

  9. Arrangements for trash removal are the responsibility of the client. All trash must be bagged and
    removed from the property by client at the end of the event. Failure to properly dispose of trash will
    forfeit the return of $200 of the security deposit. This does not constitute an invitation to
    knowingly leave trash and forfeit the security deposit. If the site requires excessive extra time on
    the part of the Event Assistant or other personnel, an increased fee will be assessed.

  10. Due to the nature of the site, considerations for people with special mobility needs must be
    identified to the Event Manager early in the planning process, so that every effort can be made to
    accommodate those individuals. Clients are encouraged to rent electric only golf carts to handle
    these needs as driving in the historic core is prohibited therefore limiting how close vehicles are
    able to drop your guests. Clients that choose to rent or bring a personal golf cart for the day of
    their event assume all responsibility for any accident caused by such golf cart and driver. Driver
    must be of legal age to drive and observe all speed laws posted on our site. The driver must be
    cautious and considerate of pedestrian guests, stay on the areas designated as roads. All drivers
    must be appointed and introduced to Sotterley event personnel on site and in charge for the event.
    Drivers must agree to follow all rules given to them by the event personnel. Failure to comply with
    these rules will cause golf cart usage privileges to be revoked. If a cart is rented or provided by a
    family member, notification MUST be made to the Event Manager prior to the event.

  11. Sotterley reserves the right to photograph and utilize photographs of any event held onsite for future marketing purposes.

  12. Liability insurance is required from a licensed insurance provider in the amount of $1 million and
    naming Historic Sotterley, Inc. as additional insured. This can be in the form of an event rider on
    the client’s or client’s parents homeowner’s or renter’s insurance OR can be purchased separately.
    Your Event Manager can provide links to this insurance option.

Sotterley Grounds Use Restrictions & Prohibitions

  1. Smoking is prohibited on Sotterley’s grounds (except in designated areas). Cigarette butts left on the grounds and found on the site the following morning requiring special cleanup efforts will result in deductions from your security deposit.

  2. Parking of any and all motor vehicles is restricted to the designated visitor parking lot. No motor vehicle is to be parked on any garden or lawn area outside of designated parking area for any reason. Parking attendants for site rental events are the responsibility of the rental client. BLOCKING OF THE FIRE LANE BEHIND THE BARN AT ANY TIME IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED BY THE FIRE MARSHALL.

  3. Driving of vehicles within the historic core of the site is strictly limited. Deliveries of equipment and supplies can be made with a vehicle within these areas with the permission of and proper access instructions from a Sotterley staff member. All persons making deliveries must check in with the Sotterley Office (weekday deliveries) or Grounds Manager (for weekend deliveries) before entering the historic core.

  4. Rental clients and their guests are required to apply to restrictions and guidelines of any posted site signage (i.e. No Vehicles Beyond This Point, Staff Access Only, No Parking, etc…) Failure to follow these guidelines and restrictions can result in guests first being warned then asked to vacate the premises.

  5. Access to the site by clients or their vendors for site visits, deliveries, and set up/break down is limited to normal business hours (Monday through Friday 9am-5pm / Saturday 10am-4pm / Sunday 12noon-4pm) unless other arrangements are made with the Sotterley Event Manager for activities or appointments to take place outside of these hours. All vendors and clients accessing the site on weekends must do so in the confines of the client’s rental time per the signed agreement. Access is NOT automatic on weekends.

  6. Rental clients or their vendors are strictly forbidden to use or relocate any fixtures on the Sotterley site (i.e. benches, potted plants, wagons, etc…) or access any buildings, not specified by the rental contract, without the permission of a Sotterley staff member.

  7. No decorations may be attached by staples, tape, glue, nails, tacks or other permanent or defacing means to any part of the Sotterley site, its buildings or its gardens. (In the barn we recommend the use of florist wire and/or 3M On Demand hooks.) NOTHING may be attached to the Plantation House or Slave Cabin by any means for any reason. All decorations must be removed immediately following the event.

  8. No directional signage may be posted on-site or on the roadways leading to the site. The Event Manager or Event Assistant can aid in positioning signs to help guests locate your event.

  9. The use of ALL actual flame candles or lanterns is prohibited. All flame must be virtual as produced by LED light or similar.

  10. The use of grills and sterno for preparing and warming food is restricted to designated areas. NO grills or sterno will be allowed within 15ft of the Plantation House for any reason. If grills are to be onsite for food preparation caterer must discuss set up with Sotterley Event Manger prior to the event. Lit grills or sterno shall never be left unattended. A member of the catering staff must be present at all times and equipped with a fire extinguisher when grills or sterno are in use.

  11. Use of open flame for any reason other than for food preparation by a caterer and monitored by catering staff as detailed above is prohibited. No bonfires; outdoor fireplaces; chimineas; fire pits, bowls, or barrels are permitted.

  12. Fireworks of any kind, including sparklers are prohibited.

  13. The use of Wish Lanterns (www.wishlantern.com) is prohibited.

  14. Only real flower petals, birdseed, or bubbles may be used as “confetti” during ceremony or send off. The use of rice, glitter, paper, or synthetic petals or confetti is strictly prohibited.

For questions or clarification on any of the above policies, procedures, restrictions and prohibitions, please contact:
Historic Sotterley, Inc.
P. O. Box 67, Hollywood MD 20636
301.373.2280 / Fax: 301.373.8474



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To preserve Sotterley Plantation's historic structures and natural environment and use the powerful stories of our land, lives, and labor to bring American history to life while serving as a cultural resource.  


To foster a better understanding of our world today by providing a living link to America's complex history and legacy of slavery.


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